Hero of Allacrost is a single player 2D role-playing game inspired by classic console RPGs. The player will explore rich environments, solve challenging dungeon puzzles, and fight strategic battles in an active-time system. The game is distributed for free as open-source software and is available across several platforms including Windows, OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD.


Hero of Allacrost takes place on the fictional world of Allacrost during a time period that is a curious mix of a medieval setting and an age of exploration. The story follows the journeys of Claudius, a knight who is given a perilous assignment by his king after his country is suddenly besieged by an unknown force of demonic beings. His mission is to search the world for a hero spoken of in legend that is said to be the key to bringing peace back to Allacrost. Claudius and his companions must piece together the clues left in the legend of the hero as they travel the world, while also unraveling the mysterious origins and purpose of the demons who continue to assault civilizations at random.


Allacrost is designed to accomplish three major goals. Every feature in the game has been created with the intention of meeting one or more of these goals.

  • Prioritize efforts on developing engaging gameplay and a compelling narrative
  • Eliminate tedious and micromanagement mechanics that are commonly found in RPGs.
  • Require a high level of strategy from the player to progress through the game.

Major Features

Multiple Attack Targets
Every combatant in a battle has multiple areas on their body that can be targeted for attacks (for example, the head or legs). Each target has its own properties that need to be discovered and exploited. For example, a blow to the head deals significantly more damage while having a lower success of landing a hit. Hitting certain targets may also trigger different status effects to occur. Land a blow on the wing of a foe to reduce their speed, or strike the arms to lower their capacity to deal damage.

Status Effect Intensity
Status effects such as poison or haste have multiple degrees of intensity to reflect how much they cripple or aid a character or enemy in battle. A weak poison status may consume only 3% of a character's HP per turn, while the strongest poison can do damage as high as 20% of a character's HP. All status effects will weaken in intensity as the battle goes on and are immediately cured once a battle ends. The player must choose whether a status effect is severe enough that it must be treated, or if the smarter choice is to ignore the affliction and wait for the effect to neutralize itself naturally.

Strategic Battles
One of the major focuses of Allacrost's design was to make common battles more strategic and engaging than the typical RPG. To achieve this end, Allacrost battles are longer, but maps contain fewer enemy encounters to act as a counterbalance. There is no generic "Fight" command and the player must select from one of the available skills for each character. Each skill consumes a different amount of SP and also takes a different amount of time to execute. Players must choose the actions of their characters carefully to avoid exhausting their resources and exposing a weakness to their foes.

Seamless Map Transitions
Allacrost implements a system whereby multiple smaller maps may be contained within a single larger one. This allows, for example, a village where the player may instantly enter and leave a building with no load time or any other type of delay. NPCs can also move about between buildings, making environments feel more natural.

Battle Damage
As characters and enemies take damage or heal, their portrait or sprite will gradually reflect their health. As a result, players will be able to gauge how weak their enemies are at a glance.

Pursuing Enemies
The player can see each enemy roaming the map and choose to engage the foe or slip past them. However, enemies will see when a player is close and give chase. If an enemy can sense that they are no match for the party of heroes, they will instead flee away. Revisiting a past area no longer means wasting time slaughtering enemies that are not worth the time.

Allacrost strives to tell an intricate and deep narrative that is geared toward a mature audience. This is not another tale of fated teenagers who save the world. Characters are not one-dimensional nor are they static static. As the story progresses, a player will find their feelings toward a character change as they develop. This tale will keep you intrigued, entertained, and eager to find out what happens next.


The Allacrost Project is the collective design and development efforts surrounding the game Hero of Allacrost. This includes work on the game, the map editor, the narrative, and the Allacrost website and other services. The team behind the Allacrost project consists of programmers, artists, composers, writers, and others all across the globe. These people volunteer their free time and are not compensated financially.

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