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Books as an equip-able item type

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Books as an equip-able item type

Post by Jetryl » Thu Sep 27, 2007 11:10 am

They had a sweet idea over at the Silver-Tree RPG project. Background - SilverTree is David White's (the wesnoth founder) rpg project. It's a turn-based rpg done in a very non-console style, and is quite unlike ours.

http://www.silvertreerpg.org/phpbb/view ... 54&start=0

Anyways, the idea was of books (or scrolls, or "instructional material of some sort") as an equip-able item. Precisely the effect it would have is up for grabs.

It fits any character type; there have always been the ideas of "grimoires for mages", "holy writ for clerics", "manuals of arms for fencers, etc.", "secret scrolls holding kinjutsu, or holding a kung fu school's master techniques"; the idea of some character carrying one around to read in their downtime (to boost skill development), or to solve certain quests or decipher certain riddles, could be cool.

They had the idea over there of a book being something that could unlock certain skills.

Anyways, I just thought the idea was cool; it's nothing we'd be implementing soon, anyways. :shrug:
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Post by Roots » Thu Sep 27, 2007 12:42 pm

Well we decided (a long time ago) that in Allacrost there would be no one single way to learn skills. You can learn them through a variety of methods (including the book idea). For example: simply reaching a certain experience level, completing a hidden side quest, seeking out an ancient master in the art and receiving tutelage from them, etc. It makes it a lot more dynamic and interesting IMO, since the player does not know how to learn all the skills (e.g., by finding "materia" and equipping it on their weapon/armor in FFVII).
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