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i have an idea

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Post by Nimbrush » Wed May 11, 2005 8:43 pm

Now it sounds more like the Star Ocean series. You had three modes: real time, turn-based, and the one mode in the middle that I keep forgetting.

Real time: everyone is still moving/doing something while you're busying selecting something, i.e. the enemy's pounding away at you while you're taking your sweet time selecting a potion (and you can't cast spells when physically hit. Very exploitable, unless you had this skill called motormouth. Instantaneous cast. Then again, the combo attacks pulverized plenty of spell-casters once Claud *Star Ocean II* got going with his mirror dance attack.)

Turn-based: take turns, of course. Traditional and self-explanatory. :D

Middle: this one's interesting. Basically, the battle is a mix of both. You "pause" while choosing items, allowing a momentary lapse for the player to orient his bearings. Everything else is real-time.

Roots wrote:Oh yeah. It never occured to me that SoM was very similar to this. Damn, and I thought I had a novel idea. :heh: But we're applying this system to a FF-style battle, so the player won't be running circles around the enemy. Also this is turn-based battle, so the player won't be able to continually attack the enemy with their sword or anything. I think once an action is entered, that character's (or enemey's) action is restricted until they execute and finish their action. I still think this will make battles more excited though because there is less time where the player is just waiting for action bars to fill and no one is doing anything.
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Post by Balthazar » Thu May 12, 2005 7:25 pm

Well the middle would just be FFVI's ATB with the Wait option selected.
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not original, but good

Post by Guest » Wed Jul 26, 2006 3:27 pm

First of all: The system you are thinking about is great.

But it is not original in all. Someone before you had a similar idea. Look at that pic:
http://www.gametective.de/images/screen ... 76_003.gif
It is from Dragon Knight 3: Knights of Xentar. This game has a passive realtime battle system. You can set the red bar with your mouse to a value for all combatans except the magician, by which the chara would slash his weapon when it is filled. When it is filling and you get hit, the value shrinks to 0. So you set it to a moderate setting, depending to the enemy's strengt, pace and quantity. You can also change the tactic to more defense (for weak charas to level up) for every chara at any time. When you fight against same enemy types, the knowledge grows to max 100 percent and you can use faster and less strong amounts of attacks.

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Post by Guest » Thu Aug 03, 2006 3:23 am

I didn't fully read all the above, so excuse me if this was already mentioned. About making battle interesting, several MUDs do it like this:
* melee combat is automatic once you have (or hostile NPC has) initiated fight
* while the character fights with its skills/attributes normal melee fight, player uses spells and special skills which all have a certain "cooldown"
It makes the fighting not dependant on internet connection, but at the same time player has great influense in it. The amount of how much "melee" fighting affects the outcome of a fight depends of course on the character in question, for example fighter types do more in melee than wizard types. Add the queue to this in some form and you have a winner ;)
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