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Longer battles!!

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How long should the average battle time in Allacrost be?

Less than 1 minute
Between 1 and 2 minutes
Between 2 and 3 minutes
Between 3 and 4 minutes
Between 4 and 5 minutes
More than 5 minutes
Total votes: 12
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Post by shizeet » Mon Feb 27, 2006 6:16 pm

Yeh, I certainly like the idea of each enemy sort of keeping an "index" as to its "perception" of the player's character conditions (but not their stats and etc - there's nothing more than I hate than a cheating AI :bash:). Also, it might be a good idea for different enemies to have different degrees of intellegience (which would effectively control how the error range in their "perception", or something like that). Or have different enemy classes behave differently - more animalistic enemies will likely attack the most immedietly threatening character, while more smarter human enemies might strategize to take out supporting characters in advance.

Also, here's a somewhat radical suggestion about the battle system itself. Instead of hacking away at an enemy's health points turn-by-turn, a more "realistic" system would be to use a series of attacks that might do minimal damage, but can result in "unbalancing" the enemy for you to strike a fatal blow. Of course, the enemy will be trying to do the same to you, maybe a rock/paper/scissors sort system can be used to determine how effective each move is. Of course, this might be kind of hard to do in an ATB system, because you can effectively take another turn or two to attack the enemy, depending on how disoriented he is. And it might make for some tense battles initially, but too much of it may get even more tedious compared to the conventional system. But I donno, just throwing out ideas here.
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