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About this forum section

A discussion area for general design issues that staff would like detailed feedback on.

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About this forum section

Post by Roots » Thu Jun 16, 2005 10:05 pm

Many of you may be wondering what's with this forum section and why it's readable by registered forum members only. Basically, this is a place where we (the staff) will post about various subjects about the game design that we want to get detailed feedback on, but it may contain stuff that we aren't quite ready to release publicly yet. So let me make this clear right now.

By reading this section of the forums, you are potentially exposing yourself to spoilers by reading the contents herein.

Of course if you don't want to be spoiled, leave this place now and never ever come back. :) The spoilers won't be huge, but there may be some 'significant' ones here and there. I don't think it will be a big problem, but I'll try to remember that if we have something with a significant amount of spoilage, we'll place a warning either in the thread title or near the top of the thread.

Now then, what kinds of content can you expect us to expose to you here? The answer is almost everything. :D

- Artwork
- Music
- Future story concepts/opinions
- Game design issues we need feedback on
- Pre-releases of playable demos and modules of the game

I hope that last one caught your attention. :angel: Pretty much the only thing we won't talk about in here is code, since there's no reason for us to really hide code issues from the public (it's all publicly viewable on our CVS anyway). The pre-release is a big one for us because we'd like people to test it across a variety of platforms and find any bugs before we release it publicly. And FYI (since you're all so special), we do have our sites set on a playable demo and we're working with that goal in mind every day. I'm not going to disclose our goal date, but I'll tell you that it is in the near-future. ;) It all depends if everyone can find time this summer because right now, a lot of us are (unexpectedly) swamped with other work in our real lives.

And lastly, this forum section is a way to reward you guys who have been helping us all along by feeding you more content on a regular basis. :heh: So thanks to everyone reading this who has already given us great feedback about just every aspect of the game, from code to story. :approve:
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