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RPG Genre Flaws Discussion

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:52 pm
by Roots
A couple weeks ago I was searching for something and came across a series of threads over on the forums that sought to address the prominent flaws in RPGs like Allacrost (that is, menu-based battles). I still haven't read them through all the way (in fact, I'm just starting), but I think there are some very good ideas and points brought up here that we may want to consider in our own designs. The links to these discussions are below. After I've read through them, I may suggest some ideas for us to consider here.

1) The "Fight" Command ... t-command/

2) Grinding ... -grinding/

3) Attrition ... attrition/

4) Exploration ... ploration/

5) Accessibility ... ssibility/

6) Safe Havens ... fe-havens/

Ironically, a thread I posted on GameDev last year is what prompted these discussions to start. :angel: