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Crash/Hang on startup

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Crash/Hang on startup

Post by Locke » Thu Mar 06, 2008 2:28 am

I've compiled Allacrost with VC++ 2005 EE, and when I try to run the program, it either crashes or hangs. It crashed with "allacrost.exe has encountered an error and needs to close" a couple of times, but usually it just hangs without crashing and I have to kill the app.

After using the debugger I found the hang to happen just after executing this line in "video.cpp", in the function GameVideo::ApplySettings():

if (SDL_SetVideoMode(_temp_width, _temp_height, 0, flags) == false)

The call to SetVideoMode appears twice in this function, this occurs on the first call.

Also, I was using SDL version 1.2.13, then I saw on the wiki that the required version is 1.2.11 so I recompiled using that to no effect.

Also also, the playable demo version of Allacrost that has been released for a while now does run fine.

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Re: Crash/Hang on startup

Post by Roots » Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:39 am

Hmm, maybe this has to do with that bug in the other thread in this forum where GameVideo::ApplySettings causes the screen to get all distorted when toggling between windowed mode and fullscreen. :huh: Yeah we definitely need to take a look into this code to make sure we're doing it right. I might get a chance to look at it myself this weekend. Unfortunately we have no graphics programmers currently available on this team, so we're in kind of a tough spot :|
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Re: Crash/Hang on startup

Post by Klesk » Sun Mar 23, 2008 12:48 pm

I have faced similiar problem, when I was trying to build HoA... However I don't think it was caused by that function SDL_SetVideoMode(_temp_width, _temp_height, 0, flags)

When I was compiling it for the very first time I didn't know about: http://www.allacrost.org/staff/libs/win/ (so much time wasted :)) so I downloaded all libs from different sources, built application... and got runtime error :/, so I used debugger and it stopped on SDL_SetVideoMode(_temp_width, _temp_height, 0, flags) I mean no errors just no response from VS, had to kill process. After that I commented following lines:

if (_temp_fullscreen == true) {
(few lines before fatal line)

and it went through that line if (SDL_SetVideoMode(_temp_width, _temp_height, 0, flags) == false) without problem... only to fall on function png_read_png in image.cpp (access violation). I think there was something wrong with libpng I had - downloading http://www.allacrost.org/staff/libs/win/ fixed everything.

It's just degugging this line: if (SDL_SetVideoMode(_temp_width, _temp_height, 0, flags) == false) with fullscreen hangs my VS but program works fine. So I might be wrong but I think problem Locke mentonied was caused by libpng not by SDL_SetVideoMode.
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