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Forum Rules

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2004 2:53 pm
by Roots
Hero of Allacrost Forum Rules

* Do not ask for anything illegal, like OST rips, ROMs, Warez, etc.
* Do not spam. If you want to advertise or share something put it in your signature.
* Do not harass, flame or start fights
* Do not crosspost (post the same message in more than one forum)
* Make legable posts. Don't write !1k3 U R 13 yearz k1D 0n A0L wh0 iz l33t. DON'T LEAVE YOUR CAPSLOCK KEY ON.
* Do not use more than 1 account.
* Avoid use of excessive profanity

Reprimands for Violations of the Rules

* Bad posts may be deleted
* Inappropriate threads will either be moved to the appropriate forum, locked, or deleted.
* Threads that turn into flamewars or go too far off-topic may be locked
* Members who constantly violate these rules will be given a temporary ban from a few days to 2 weeks (you will recieve notification of why you were banned and the length of your senence)
* In extreme cases, we may serve out permanent bans to those who contribute nothing useful to the community and are a constant annoyance.