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A Brief History of Allacrost

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A Brief History of Allacrost

Post by Roots » Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:23 pm


I finished adding this page to the site today. With a project as old as Allacrost (we started in 2004!) I know that a lot of people that join are wondering what the hell went on in all those years and why it took so long to get where we are. This will hopefully shed a little light on that. It's a bit long, but that's to be expected with over a decade of events to write about.

So give it a read if you're interested enough to. I broke it up into "eras", as there were some easily defined turning points in this project's history. And if you want the really dirty short version of what happened, you can view the tl;dr version below. :heh:
  • The initial team was very young, inexperienced, and naive about what it would take and how to make it
  • We quickly added on more and more requirements, turning what was originally going to be a game similar in complexity to a SNES game into something much larger
  • We initially did everything from scratch; code, music, art, map editor, everything. We did a bad job at leveraging existing work out there that was free to use (best example: making our own game engine)
  • We fumbled around with our technology a lot in the first two years, making bad decisions on libraries and designs that had to be corrected
  • We've been perpetually under-supplied on artwork and artists for the entire project's history
  • We realized that we needed more experience to produce a full RPG, and set off making smaller RPG demos to gain practice and get feedback
  • Based on early feedback we added even more requirements to our designs, further complicating and delaying the game
  • The team burned itself out repeatedly from working too hard (especially myself :nono: )
  • After four years, many on the team needed a break and the project became inactive for a few months. This cycle of a few months of activity and a few months of inactivity would continue
  • Whenever Roots steps away from the project and asks someone else to lead, the team has fallen apart and progress halted :( :bang:
  • Some large technical hurdles (that have been since overcome) in 2011 and a demotivated team lead to the project drying up almost completely until the end of 2014
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Re: A Brief History of Allacrost

Post by NubblyTheMoist » Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:47 pm

Thank you for taking the time to clarify! It must be cool to pass the torch onto a younger generation who will be stupid and niave on our own! :heh:

I will try to best to meet "scratch that" SURPASS your standards as we reach the final run to the finish line :D


"Let's not burn out this time ;) "
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