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Idea: Explain primary design features on website

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:03 pm
by Roots
A couple weeks ago, someone pointed out that you can't really understand what is special or unique about Allacrost by looking at the website. Take a look at the about page: It doesn't really say much about the game at all. To figure out what Allacrost is, you'd have to go digging through pages in the wiki and threads in the forums. I'd like to change this and add a lot more information on our about page. I'd like to briefly explain the major features that makes Allacrost unique (preferably with attached photos). Here's what I'm thinking:

- MAPS: the ability to target multiple areas on an enemy to find and exploit weaknesses
- Map contexts: multiple pieces of a map (notably building interiors) can be moved to without any transition required. Objects can interact with one another through each context.
- Abilities: each ability requires SP. No generic "fight" command that you mindlessly enter to win most of your battles
- Enemies on map: enemies spawn and chase you around on the map if you get close. Or, they run away if they sense you would overwhelm them. Means no "run" command in battle, as that is done on the map
- Status effect intensities: status effects have multiple intensities that determine how powerful their effect is. They naturally dissipate over time, and no status effects remain after battle (meaning no need to waste time going into a menu to cure ailments)
- Narrative: state how important the narrative is to this title and that we are writing for a mature audience with complex themes and dynamic characters.

Also I might copy over our primary design goals from the wiki to this page as well.

Getting the images to display these features will take time, but the text shouldn't take long for me to cook up. I'm going to try to do this within a week or so. If anyone has any other suggestions for this page, let me know.

Re: Idea: Explain primary design features on website

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:38 pm
by Roots
Had some time tonight so I went ahead and made a lot of changes to the about page. Just a first draft for now.