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[editor] On texture sheets

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[editor] On texture sheets

Post by gorzuate » Tue Dec 18, 2007 2:03 am

So as you may have seen from other posts I've made, I was messing around with texture sheets in the editor, and here's what I came across.

First off, if you get to compile, the texture sheets are shown in the bottom left corner of the map. To cycle through them just press Ctrl-T, or access the menu item in the View menu.

The problem is they're all black and nothing shows up in them. When I open the demo_town map the first time, I get 7 all-black texture sheets. Yet the tiles in the opengl portion of the editor display fine...
When I open the demo_town map the second time, I get 12 all-black texture sheets, and all the tiles are white (I also get some video warnings about not being able to load the debug font nor initialize the text manager, but I don't think these are causing any problems).

So much for using texture sheets to debug what is going on. :| Of course, this all assumes that texture sheets are actually used when the editor invokes the video engine...
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