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Wiki stuff?

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Wiki stuff?

Post by shizeet » Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:41 pm

Hey yeah, so on a bit of a whim (while working on my resume), I decided to give this place a visit - and lo' and behold, the project's picked up again (last time I checked the site hasn't been like updated for a year or more). Anyhow, I felt like contributing some stuff again, but I noticed the wiki is still pretty out of date (at least for Sound and Music needs), so I'm not sure what exactly's needed. So yeah, is there a more up to date list of the stuff to be done?
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Re: Wiki stuff?

Post by Roots » Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:16 pm

Wow, long time no see man. I actually forgot we had a music/sound needs page on the wiki. We've been using a single wiki page lately to keep track of everything we have/need for our next release, which you can view here: http://allacrost.sourceforge.net/wiki/i ... _Checklist

That list is pretty up to date. I think the best way for you to figure out what we need though is to actually play the game and "listen for the holes" so to speak. That is, places where the sound is flat or doesn't fit well, and places where there's no sound at all but should be (like an open/closing door sound). We just released a beta of the game a little over a week ago so its really fresh. So yeah, download the game, play it, make notes about what it sounds like we need (no pun intended) and post it here so we can confirm it. That's my suggestion.
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