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Information relevant to programmers on the Allacrost project can be found on this page. Whether you are new to the project or are a long-time project member, you should find yourself frequently referring back to this information. Please help us to keep the information on these pages up-to-date and well organized.

Programming Overview

New Programmers
The general starting point for programmers who are new to the project or are considering lending a hand.

Code Hierarchy
Describes all the various sections of the source tree and how they logically break up into areas of development.

Mercurial Repository
Instructions on how to access and use the Allacrost HG repository

Library Dependencies
A list of all libraries and versions that the Allacrost code uses

Cross-Platform Development
A brief description of how we write our code and work as a team to support multiple platforms.


Code Standard
The official code standard that all programmers are required to follow.

Code Recommended Practices
This page lists recommendations for keeping your code optimized, readable, and consistent with existing code.

Code Documentation
The main page for listing all code documentation pages found on this wiki.

Related Information

Details the next release that we are working toward and the tasks (code and otherwise) that need to be completed.

Programming forum
The programming section of the Allacrost forums. Most of our discussion on the code takes place here.

Bug/Issue Tracker
Our bug/issue tracker. Submit issues here, or browse through and find unassigned issues to work on.

Sourceforge Page
The Allacrost Sourceforge project page is where our code repository resides and where we make our releases available.

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