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The next release is Hero of Allacrost 0.1.0. This release covers all content found in the prologue module of the story and is the beginning of the game. The major development effort for this release will be creating new artwork and maps. In it's current state, the C++ code supports almost everything that we require for this release, so most of the programming work will be focused in scripting map and battle events. We will need additional media as well, such as sound effects, battle animations, and a handful of NPC portraits.


The game begins with a non-interactive scene of a party of knights travelling through the desert, accompanied with narration dialogue. The player takes control after the knights enter a cave with the goal of finding a blocked water supply. The player will navigate through the cave, encountering enemies, NPCs, and some brief scripted events before arriving at the end of the cave. After a short sequence, the player must face the first boss battle (Goliath Scorpion). Following the battle, the knights are seen returning to their home city, to find it ablaze and under attack my a force of demons. The player resumes control of the party and seeks out the king in his castle, battling demons along the way. The main character, Claudius, gets separated from his companions and enters the throne room alone, jumping to the rescue of the king by facing another boss 1-on-1 (Armoured Beast). Upon it's defeat, the demonic forces retreat to the shadows and disappear, and the screen fades.

The next scene involves the player taking control of Claudius and visiting the destruction and survivors of his home city. He reunites with the squadron of knights and they proceed to a formal meeting with the king, who commends them on helping to save the city. After dismissing the knights, the king asks Claudius alone to stay. The king reveals to Claudius the legend of the hero, and asks him to travel the world and seek out this hero. Claudius agrees and returns to the town. The player may now complete an optional sidequest that takes Claudius to the desert just outside the city in search of something. Before departing, the king gives a speech to his bewildered people to inspire hope in them. Claudius goes to the port in the back of the city to take a Sand Skimmer (vehicle) to travel to the ends of the desert. His family comes and wishes him farewell as he departs.

Table Key

The sections below are filled with tables of an identical format. Each row contains a general task that needs to be completed for the upcoming release. Tasks are marked as mandatory, optional, and rejected. Mandatory tasks are required to be completed for the next release. Optional tasks are work that we would like to complete, but may omit if we don't have the time or resources to complete them. Rejected tasks are items that were at some point discussed for the release, but were ultimately decided to be thrown out or postponed for a future release. Please sort each section in the table so that mandatory tasks are at the top, followed by optional tasks, and finally rejected tasks. Tasks are also assigned a status of: Completed, Assigned, and Unassigned. Tasks that are assigned have the name(s) of the persons working on the task listed in the column.

General Area
Specific Area
Priority Status Task
Mandatory Finished Example of a mandatory task that has been finished
Optional Roots Example of an optional task that is in progress by someone (in this case, Roots)
Rejected Unassigned Example of a rejected task that is unassigned.

Note: The assigned/unassigned task status information may be outdated. It is best to ask around on the forums or IRC to see if the status information is correct.
Note: A task is listed as Finished when it is complete enough to be used in the game. Further improvement or changes to the task may still be required.

Design Points

This section briefly lists proposals that have been suggested to the design of the release. In the later development phases of the release, these points will be reviewed and discussed among the team to decide on the direction that we wish to take. Points brought up could be anything from suggesting maps should use certain graphical effects, changes to major dialogues, balancing suggestions, and so on.

  • Make initial party size be comprised of 3 characters instead of 4.
  • Claudius should be the only controllable character. All other characters are controlled automatically via the game AI.
  • All initial skills available to be used target only actors and not attack points (to make the early game less complicated for new players)
  • Skills which consume 0SP restore a small amount of SP after being used.
  • Make the cave map impossible to lose (AI-controlled characters heal party automatically)
  • Eliminate enemy re-spawning from the cave and city maps
  • Allow temporary invulnerability after winning a battle (to avoid immediate encounters with more enemies)
  • Portray Claudius with the normal knight sprite and portrait images. He will use his unique images after the end of the attack on the city.


Battle Mode
Unassigned Improve battle victory screen to allow player to see new skills learned
Unassigned Find a better font (bolder, more prominent) to use for battle damage/healing numbers and text
Map Mode
Unassigned Implement support for directional sound sources on maps
Unassigned Add acceleration/deceleration to sprite movement
Boot Mode
Menu Mode
Unassigned Inventory and equipment menus need to be completed and have better interfaces
Shop Mode
Unassigned Improve the user interface of the shop to make it more intuitive to use
Save Mode
Unassigned Overhaul the interface to improve information displayed
Roots Add a testing interface to simplify the ability to load custom character data, maps, etc. and test them in-game.
Video Engine
Unassigned Add support for libpng1.5
Unassigned Implement source lights as described in the engine documentation
Unassigned Redesign, implement, and test the (currently sloppy) particle effect code
Audio Engine
Input Engine
System Engine
Script Engine
Map Tile Editing
Map Object Editing


Note: Refer to the Artwork Categories page for an explanation about each type of artwork found in this table.
Scene Backdrops
Unassigned Goliath Scorpion Appearance: show giant scorpion appearing and startled knights noticing it
Unassigned Return to Harrvah: show knights either looking from a hill into city under attack, or a shot from within the city walls showcasing the chaos
Unassigned Throne Room Battle: show king and royal guard fighting off attackers, possibly with a shot of the armored beast (boss) sneaking behind the king and about to attack
Unassigned King's Speech: show the king speaking from the castle balcony to the crowd of citizens below
Battle Backdrops
Unassigned Harrvah City: city under attack, background buildings show damage and rubble on ground
Unassigned Animations for Harrvah City: show knights/demons fighting in the background, fires raging, etc.
Unassigned Harrvah Castle: battles taking place in castle (preferably showing the interior)
Unassigned Desert Town: various structures such as houses, a marketplace, an outer wall and entry gate, and a large fountain set in the desert
Unassigned Desert Town Damaged: a variation of Desert Town that shows buildings damaged, rubble, and fires
Unassigned Desert House Interior: interior furnishings and floorings for homes found in the Desert Town
Unassigned Sandstone Castle: a "new" looking castle with smooth sandstone walls and two large twin spires
Unassigned Sandstone Castle Interior: castle interior featuring a barracks, throne room, and various other rooms suitable for a castle
Unassigned Desert Environment: improvements to the desert tileset and additional features and landmarks such as skeletons or partially buried crates
Character Sprites
Finished Claudius: Main character. Require both walking and running animations.
Finished Laila: Sister to Claudius. Major character, but not playable in this release.
Finished Marcus: Claudius and Laila's father.
Finished Vanica: Claudius and Laila's father.
Finished Knight Captain: A senior, middle-aged officer. Different armor colors than standard knights.
Unassigned Knight Sergeant: High ranking officer. Different armor colors than standard knights.
Unassigned Harrvah King: Elderly, but still able to fight and defend his country along the knights.
Unassigned Knights: Prefer to have a small number of variations (helmet on/off, different color armor/hair/skin, etc)
Unassigned Royal Guard: A special type of knight with heavier-looking armor and capes
Unassigned Townsfolk: Various ages, genders, clothing, skin, hair.
Unassigned Shop keepers: Only one required. Optional variations would be great.
Enemy Sprites
Unassigned Enemy demons: Various. Gargoyles, beasts, anything 'demonic'.
Unassigned Various combat/attack animations for enemy demons above
Unassigned Goliath Scorpion: First boss. Massive in size.
Unassigned Armored Beast: Second boss. About the size of a lion.
Battle Sprites
Sylon Goliath Scorpion. First boss. A massive scorpion with dark and thick carapace.
Unassigned Armored Beast. Second boss. A lion-like demon wearing light metal armor.
Unassigned Enemy demons: Various. Gargoyles, beasts, anything 'demonic'.
Creature Sprites
Namakoro Mak Hound: Horse-sized, dog-like domestic animal. Movement animations required.
Unassigned Domestic animals: Small house and farm animals. Movement animations optional, but preferred.
Face Portraits
Unassigned Harrvah King: Nearing the end of middle aged, but not yet an "elder"
Unassigned Knight Captain: Mid/late 40s. Battle hardened.
Unassigned Knight Sergeant: Late 30s. Tough soldier.
Unassigned Harrvah Knight: Make as generic looking as possible (hide/obscure details of face)
Finished Laila: Sister to Claudius. Early/mid 20s. Beautiful.
Finished Marcus: Claudius and Laila's father. 50s. Carpenter.
Finished Vanica: Claudius and Laila's mother. 50s. House wife/gardener.
Body Portraits
Unassigned Harrvah Knight: Used for initial party members. Make as generic as possible
Battle Portraits
Unassigned Harrvah Knight: Used for initial party members.
Location Portraits
Unassigned Harrvah City: cityscape of Harrvah
Unassigned Harrvah Castle: showcase the details of the city castle, either exterior or interior view
Miscellaneous Artwork
For Maps
Unassigned Harrvah: lively desert metropolis
Unassigned Under Attack: played during chaotic scene where Harrvah is under attack
For Battles
For Scenes
Unassigned Legend theme: plays when Claudius is learning about the legend of the hero
Unassigned Tragedy: after the attack, bringing out themes of destruction, defeat, sadness, loss
Other Music
Unassigned Male vocals: various sounds of grunting, yelling, taking damage, passing out
Unassigned Enemy death sound(s)
Unassigned Various attack and damage sounds for enemies
Unassigned Equip/unequip cloth
Unassigned Enemy/unequip light metal
Other Sounds
Unassigned Level Up Notification
Unassigned New Skill Learned Notification
Unassigned Counting out experience as it is gradually awarded to characters



Unassigned Opening Scene: first map of the game showing the knights marching to the cave in the darkness
Unassigned Water Access Cave: first dungeon, a medium-size cave. Includes a wide open area at the end where an underground river has been blocked by fallen rocks.
Unassigned Returning Scene: similar to opening scene, showing knights marching back to the city. May simply wish to simply re-use the opening scene map with a different initialization and event set.
Unassigned Harrvah City Attacked: capital city of Harrvah under attack by demons in the twilight hours. Should include fire, debris, destruction, chaos, and death.
Unassigned Harrvah Castle Attacked: the castle of Harrvah under attack, similar to Harrvah city.
Unassigned Harrvah City Aftermath: damaged Harrvah city after the attack
Unassigned Harrvah Castle Aftermath: damaged Harrvah castle after the attack
Unassigned Harrvah Sand Dock: a "port" for vehicles enabled to travel across the sand found to the rear of the city and castle
Unassigned Harrvah City Outskirts: the desert outskirts outside of Harrvah city, used for a potential side quest.
Game Data
Finished Claudius: playable protagonist character. Requires all images and portraits for battle and character menus.
Unassigned Mark: playable character. Requires all images and portraits for battle and character menus.
Unassigned Dester: playable character. Requires all images and portraits for battle and character menus.
Unassigned Lukar: playable character. Requires all images and portraits for battle and character menus.
Non-playable Characters (NPCs)
Finished Knight Captain: Dialogue portrait optional.
Unassigned Knight Sergeant: Dialogue portrait optional.
Unassigned Mak Hound: Domestic animal. Movement animations required
Unassigned Harrvah King
Finished Laila
Finished Marcus
Finished Vanica
Finished Knights: Prefer having a small number of variations (helmet on/off, different color armor/hair/skin, etc)
Unassigned Royal Guard: No variations required
Unassigned Townsfolk: Various ages, genders, clothing, skin, hair.
Unassigned Shop keepers: Variations optional
Unassigned Domestic animals: Small house and farm animals
Finished Slime: Weakest enemy with very basic attacks and stats NPCs.
Finished Spider: Weak, basic attacks and stats.
Finished Bat: Weak, but very agile.
Finished Scorpion: Medium strength.
Unassigned Demons: various sizes, shapes, and stats of demons who attack the city.
Finished Goliath Scorpion: Boss. Hard armor and hard hitting, but slow.
Finished Armored Beast: Boss. Agile and medium attack strength. Below average physical defense.
Finished Minor Health Potion: Weakest health potion

Previous Roadmaps

Roadmaps for past releases can be found below.

Roadmap Demo 1.0.0

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